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By Any Means

LA Punk Festival
Branding Project

The design challenge in this project was to create a hypothetical event brand in LA. I created a Punk music festival called “By Any Means.” The name pays homage to punk fanzines, which were produced with a by-any-means attitude. I was very inspired by the LA fanzines Slash and No Mag. They used hand set type and xeroxed crunchy photography and collages. I like both punk design and collaging, so I wanted to implement them in this project. I photographed textures and assembled a lot of the type by hand. It was a significant learning experience because I successfully used hand-done techniques and digital tools to create this brand.

The logo was made placing type by hand I wanted it to be legible yet have a handmade feeling. 
These poster series’ show three hierarchies: one dominated by image, one dominated by information, and one dominated by logo. They all work together to introduce the audience to the festival.
The festival signage was created with the festival attendies in mind. What sign would a Punk follow? 
Texture and type had to be mixed with readability to ensure that the Punks could find their way around. 
Stickers are a great way to advertise events in the city of Los Angeles. 
It was my first time making t shirts. 
They turned out great I found a really good resource that will be valuable for the future.  
Initial collage and typography exploration that led to the final identity.
I started more expressive here and tapered it back as the system was developing. 
I was inspired by Slash (1977) and No Mag (1978).
The zine’s purpose was to give the audience general festival information and educate them on some of the punk bands. 

This structure is the stage design, and I am projecting onto it what would play in the background while bands perform. The information is hand-set in real-time while a video of old and new punk shows plays in the background. It was my first time doing something of this nature, and I am pleased with the results. It brings together digital and physical processes, which is what I did for the entire project. 

pablo robin