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Vinho Verde

3 color risograph
wine label

I always look at wine labels when selecting a bottle to buy at the store. I wanted to design a label that I would choose. I had just booked a surf trip to Ericiera, Portugal, and wanted to get to know the place better before I visited. I used a Risograph to print the label. It was a new experience for me as a designer who prefers printing and physical work—using a new printing method to put graphics on a new form feels like a real challenge, and I love challenges like that.
The story in my design is the Portuguese coast. Portugal's coast is more humble and rural than the Southern California coast. The most significant industry is still fishing, and the surf community thrives. Portugal has some of the best waves in the world for surfing. The spot Coxos is one of the most famous breaks among Portuguese surfers.
The Label
Back Label

Pictures from when I went to Coxos
Coxos beach high tide 
Old men hanging out with Coxos picture in the background 
Coxos sign 

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