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192 pages
6.25x8.5 in
Swiss binding
taped spine
paper cover
black board
flush cut edges
Neue Haas Grotesk
Rubber Neck: Lets Talk About the Veins of Los Angeles is a book that includes art, culture, and history related to the LA freeways. Living in Los Angeles, our entire lives revolve around the freeway, and being aware of its history and cultural impact is essential to contextualizing why things are the way they are in the city and hopefully spark change. What inspired me to create this book was my everyday commutes. I aimed to create something beautiful inspired by the everyday; a sentiment echoed in the writing of Charles Bukowski, who was able to turn his everyday life into great pieces of writing.

The book starts and ends with image sequences I shot driving north on the 110 freeway

Roads go through the text pages

Important paragrahs are highlighted in orange

The text on these pages was found on a Reddit thread about roadrage incidents in Los Angeles

Quotes are treated as if you’re screaming to another car 

I found a lot of great poems about the freeways by Charles Bukowski. I used them as an opportunity to experiment more with type and poetry. 

Promotional billboard 

I used two printers and a bindery. It made everything a lot harder. The experience will forever change my approach to getting a book done. 
I now know people I wouldn't work with again and people I would love to do another project with. It was a very good learning experience.

pablo robin