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Y Mar

Costa Rican surf hotel
Branding Project
Y Mar is a rebranding of Shaka Beach Retreat, a surf hotel in Costa Rica. Shaka's branding and name were awful. I set out to design a more boutique surf and yoga hotel for experienced athletes. I used a lot of imagery found in old surf magazines and the rosette pattern as brand elements. This project taught me to be more open to different techniques when developing a visual identity. My outcome was a successful rebrand.

Postcards were the driving force of my graphic system 

Implementing my brand into a lookbook helped me establish a narrative structure

For spatial mockups, this was my first time using Midjourney, which has proven to be a valuable tool for achieving my vision for the space.
Suite room
Beachside bar
Queen room
Yoga studio
All hotels need door hangers
Custom yoga mat
Room key
Drink menu 

Designing a website was new to me. Adding more rips made for a more dynamic user experience. 


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